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Lily Rogers Volleyball Sponsorship

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Please help support Lily’s Volleyball Club, travel and college camp fees. Lily Rogers is now 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. She has played Volleyball since she was 9 years old and been on a club volleyball team the past 6 years. Her position is Libero and has excelled by being team captain on her club team as well as on her freshman team last year in high school. Her focus is working hard at Volleyball, being a team player on and off the court, and keeping her grades high and studying hard in school. She is so passionate and driven to play college volleyball. This past summer she traveled to the east coast to attend college volleyball camps at UNC Chapel hill and UVA. This coming year she is on the varsity volleyball team in high school and also a travel club volleyball team where she will be traveling to 8 tournaments in anaheim, San deigo, 2 times to Las Vegas, Dallas Texas, and Indianapolis. She will also be traveling back to the east cost again next summer to attend high potential College camps this summer at UNC, Duke and NC State. Lily is working so hard to attain her goals of playing D1 Volleyball in college as a Libero. Lily also works with a top private coach weekly. The traveling and hard work over the next two years are so important to her goals and she puts her heart and soul into her live for the the sport and her dedication to achieving excellence. We would love your support to help lily achieve her goals in her sport so she can play college Volleyball. Not only is Lily is a dedicated player but she is extremely kind & loving big sister, little sister, friend, and daughter. We are so proud of her drive, commitment, and pursuing her ambitions. All donations will go towards her path of achieving greatness!

To excel at Volleyball I need to be constantly moving my limit. She is so ready and consistently working hard to reach her goals, but at the same time know the road there will be costly. That’s why I need your help, it will go to travel, private coaching, club fees, travel to the east coast and fees associated with high performance college camps. Lily is an AMAZING young lady with tons of drive and ambition. Your donation will help her be able to achieve her goals and follow her dreams! Thank you so much for your help it truly means the world to Lily!


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